Alissa Morrison

Alissa Morrison

When Alissa Morrison of Noblesville, Ind., was a senior year in high school she realized how important it was to leave a positive impression on the world as her mentors and role models had done for her.

With a deep love and interest for history and government, there was no doubt she would major in social studies education with concentrations in history and government when she transferred to Indiana State University as a sophomore in 2018.

“I love having the opportunity to talk with secondary students about what goes on around us and their personal worldviews,” she said. “Indiana State has given me the opportunity and encouraged me to continuously interact with varying ages of students and learn more about being in a classroom as a teacher. The education department at Indiana State includes some of the most kind, supportive individuals who always have fellow educators’ best interest at heart.”

Now a junior, Morrison found a mentor in Matt Moulton, assistant professor of education in the Bayh College of Education’s department of teaching and learning.

“Dr. Moulton was my professor for my very first education class, and his class quickly became my favorite,” she said. “He is not afraid to throw away his “cool card” and will do anything he can to make sure his students are learning practical, applicable education strategies.”

Moulton became a role model for Morrison within a month or so of attending his class, as she watched how he interacted with each student with a desire to make them feel safe, welcome, and supported.

“I had the opportunity to be in yet another one of Dr. Moulton’s classes and he continued to support and encourage all of his students in inspiring, entertaining, and sometimes unconventional ways,” she said. “I always know that if I have a question about education, am in deep need of educational advice, or I need to share a worry with a mentor, I can reach out to Dr. Moulton. Dr. Moulton truly shows his education students what an environmentally responsive, caring, and self-aware educator looks like.”

Morrison may have been worried about going from a community college to living on campus in a university, but she clicked with Indiana State the second she moved to campus.

She joined Chi Omega, where she served as external marketing chair (social media) and is currently on the sorority’s executive board as the member educator. She’s also a member of the organization C.H.I.L.L. (Colleagues Help Implement Life-long Learning).

“Indiana State students made it so easy to get involved in different organizations and meet new people. Within the first week, I had made a few friends and began to feel like I belonged,” she said. “I love how passionate Indiana State students are about making connections and getting involved. There are tons of different student-led organizations for students to join and grow within.”

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