Blue is Global

For a lot of international students, Indiana State is home away from home. One of those students is Rajesh Naidu, from India, who came to State to pursue an art degree and went on to get his MFA. Naidu wasn’t sure on what to expect being outside of India for the first time but after a warm welcome from his peers and advisor, he felt included.

With about 900+ international students attending Indiana State each year the university has created campus entities such as the Center for Global Engagement to help offer assistance to international students from the time that they are admitted until graduation. The CGE helps by providing support with immigration, a sponsoring service, learning, social and leadership programs. Two students, of many, who are an extension of the CGE include Jiusan Zheng from China and Maha Fahli from Morocco.

Zheng says that the CGE has helped him a lot with promoting his culture with activities such as the Chinese New Year, which is the most important festival in Chinese culture. Hosting these events not only make international students feel at home but it gives State students and the community a taste of other cultures.

Fahli wanted to be more involved in campus, so she went to the CGE and asked about international student leadership council, which later lead to her involvement with the Student Government Association as the vice president.

Indiana State University has a passion for bringing people together, breaking down barriers, developing leaders and making the world a better place, one relationship at a time.

Rajesh Naidu
Home Country: India
Major: Art, Masters of Fine Arts

Jiusan Zheng
Home Country: China
Major: Computer Engineering

Maha Fahli
Home Country: Morocco
Major: Political Science