Determined by Love

Determined by Love


In 2015, Bria Reed’s grandmother was placed in a rehabilitation facility following surgery. Sadly, Reed’s grandmother died shortly thereafter, a loss that would shape the course of Reed’s life.

Throughout high school, volleyball served as a coping mechanism for Reed, taking her mind off of the loss of her grandmother. Volleyball, in turn, brought Reed’s attention to Indiana State. During her senior year of high school, Reed received mail from Indiana State with a photograph of students playing volleyball, an image that resonated with her.

Now, the Matteson, Ill. native, poised to graduate in May, continues to honor her grandmother’s legacy. Reed is pursuing a degree in healthcare administration, along with a minor in business administration, and she dreams of opening and managing her own healthcare facility, specifically for low-income families. “I took my grandmother’s death to heart,” Reed said. “I don’t want anyone else’s family to experience the same pain I felt, and as a result of this,  I want to create a facility that not only ensures that patients receive the care they need, but can also accommodate those individuals who may not always be able to afford this needed care.”

Indiana State has enabled Reed to pursue her dream career path. Along with the knowledge she has gained in her coursework, Reed has developed real-world knowledge through her internships and campus organizations that will help her fulfill her dream. Reed served as an intern for Mosaic, a facility for Terre Haute residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities. “I worked with the community relations manager,” she said. “We did a lot of program planning and it gave me skills for the future.”

Reed’s time at State has been “an eye-opening experience full of growth, knowledge, and great opportunities”, pushing her out of her comfort zone. “When I came to Indiana State, I was very shy and very soft-spoken,” she said. “I felt that not everybody wanted to hear what I was thinking, but I quickly learned that my voice matters.”

One of the organizations that most helped Reed find her voice was her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Since her initiation in the fall of 2017, Reed has learned great leadership skills and the ability to work well with others toward a common goal. “My sorority helped me flourish on campus, both as a person and as a leader, as well as during job interviews,” she said. Reed now serves as president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. “As president, I’ve learned how to communicate effectively and how to be an advocate for others,” she said.

Serving as president of her sorority has also brought out another strength of Reed’s character: her sheer determination. “My super power is my ability to get things done,” she laughed. “I don’t believe in giving up.” Reed’s determination will serve her well as she plans to open her own healthcare facility. She is making plans for her next steps- to pursue a dual master’s program in healthcare administration and business administration. “If my mind is set on something, I will make it happen,” she said.