Courtney Natt

Courtney Natt, Physician Assistant Master’s Program student, class of 2021, reflects on her clinical rotation experience.

What core rotation are you in for your first clinical? What is the name of the site?

I am in my Behavioral Health rotation at Harsha Behavioral Center!

Courtney NattWhat did you do to prepare for your first rotation?

I went to the PAEA website and downloaded the end of rotation exam blueprint which breaks down the topics that we need to know by percentages. After downloading the topics, I used various resources to create a PowerPoint that contained each of the topics on one slide. On each slide I summarized general things to know, presentation, diagnosis, and treatment for every condition. After the conditions, I summarized all of the medications that I needed to know at the end of the slide show. Lastly, I printed off the PowerPoint to use as a resource.

How did week 1 compare with week 2? Do you feel you are progressing in comfort as well as knowledge?

Week one at this site was pretty laid back; the preceptors are really open to questions! Everything seemed familiar but it took time getting used to the different medication names. Week two was so much better. I felt like the concepts I learned in class were finally coming together with the clinical medicine I was witnessing.

Did you have some idea of the specialty you wish to pursue before starting the rotation? Has this changed?

I think I want to do Family Medicine, but I am still not sure. I did NOT think I would like this rotation, but I am pleasantly surprised about how much I really do like it.

Do you have time to study and what study tools are you utilizing?

Most of my studying has been on the weekends. I’m not going to lie, I really struggle with doing an 8-9 hour day, working out, and then bringing up the energy to study at night. All I want to do is relax and sleep. This third week I have been better about studying at night though! I have been reviewing my PowerPoint, doing my assigned Kaplan questions, and Rosh Review questions. I am also starting to use the Case File book that was passed down to me. If I do not know a medication or condition, I will look them up on UpToDate.