Day in the Life

Indiana State takes a deeper look at the campus lives of three students – Tawana Chakanyuka, French languages studies major ; Alec Nirtaut, accounting and finance major; and Ashley Gibbons, graphic design major. A day in the life focuses on the social aspects of students, campus involvement and resources and how academics help shape the paths of students.

Tawana Chakanyuka is from Zimbabwe, she loves the scenery of State and the openness of the campus and her peers. She loves the trees and popular landmarks like the fountain. She also enjoys meeting new people and how sociable everyone is, even if she’s never met them before.

Alec Nirtaut chose State for the multitude of sports program we offer to students. One of Nirtaut favorite events is the annual Tricycle Derby, a 42-lap race on tricycles around the track. His involvement with his fraternity has led to him participating in almost every intramural sport available. Not only has Nirtaut taking advantage of the intramural sports but the classes and gym space of the Student Recreation Center.

Ashley Gibbons goes into her graphic design classes with the mindset of becoming an art director and helping fashion companies with designing their magazines or graphic design layouts. Her program is pushing her in the right direction with work inside the classes and all the opportunities outside of class.