Enock Momanyi

Enock Momanyi

Enock Momanyi, ’20, spent his time at Indiana State University being an example for how to get involved and set yourself up for success after graduation. Born in Eldoret, Kenya and now residing in Terre Haute, Momanyi majored in marketing with a focus on marketing management while a student at Indiana State.

Momanyi’s involvement on campus was a major contributor to his experience at State. One of the organizations that had the greatest impact was She’s the First ISU, or STF. In this organization, students raised money to help girls in developing countries get an education and break a cycle of poverty through various activities like bake sales and the end of the year charity dinner. They spent time raising awareness for issues faced by women in other countries, as well as our own. They also participated in events such as the Union Hospital Showcase, as well as the Earth Day Organization Showcase at ISU. Momanyi was also involved in the American Marketing Association, or AMA. He learned valuable skills for his major through this group by contacting local marketing firms to bring in representatives to discuss the benefits of a career in marketing. They planned to attend a digital marketing conference this spring, but unfortunately it was canceled. They are also still hoping that they can work with their parent organization to earn marketing certifications this fall. Momanyi felt as though his experience in AMA and STF granted him valuable skills in leadership, public relations, accounting, and even budgeting skills. He learned that as long as you are genuine in your efforts, people will help you, you just need to take that first step forward.

Momanyi held two jobs while at ISU, one in Mentoring Assistance for Productive Scholars, or MAPS, and another in the Indiana State University Marketing Office as a student office assistant. In MAPS, Momanyi did community service at 14th and Chestnut, mentored young students at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary school, and was part of the Unity Board in summer of 2019, which organized events for affiliated African American organizations on campus. For State’s University Marketing, Momanyi spent his time helping with various things, such as social media, furthering ISU’s brand image, student recruitment, as well as marketing research. These jobs have also given Momanyi skills he hopes to apply in his future career, through MAPS he learned more leadership skills; how to tackle project management and it’s also given him patience with children, which he believes will translate to patience with people of all ages. Through the marketing department, Momanyi has had the ability to work with a variety of people, learning to take input and criticism to better himself both personally and professionally. He also gained insight on marketing itself, how it’s done, and how an office runs, valuable information he wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Enock Monaymi

Momanyi also felt that there were professors from Indiana State that helped him along his journey through college and wanted to mention the three that stood out to him. The first of these was Kale Walker, Momanyi felt as though he was like a mentor for nearly all four years he was at ISU and is the one who pushed him to find MAPS. He helped him into a career that fit what he aspires to do creatively with music and supplemented his skillset. He also helped Momanyi to land the position with University Marketing. Momanyi believes that professor Walker and professor Valerie Craig were key factors in him graduating, as well as him staying on track during his four years at ISU. Another notable professor for Momanyi was professor Bhowmick of the marketing department. His passion for marketing and willingness to help Momanyi with ideas on how to grow his local music presence, as well as how to market that music has helped Momanyi to be a better professional candidate as well as a better marketer overall.

When asked what his ‘BLUE’ was, or what Indiana State means to him, Momanyi said his blue is never giving up on his dreams, even when they seem out of reach. When everyone is saying to try something else, to keep pursuing that passion inside you. Momanyi has always wanted to be a creative individual, and ISU has shown him that he can reach his goals if he is willing to take risks, listen to mentors and professors, and work for the things that you wish to achieve.

“Indiana State has accepted me for who I am and who I want to be; the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, and the business acumen I’ve gained, I would not trade for anything else because I am now more confident than ever that I can reach my dreams. BLUE is dreaming big and doing it.”