Gage Fraser

Gage Fraser

Electronics Engineering Technology Alumnus
at Indiana State University

When Gage Fraser was applying to colleges during his senior year of high school, Indiana State was his top choice. Apart from the hands-on learning, student organizations, close proximity to his hometown of Marshall, Illinois, and professors who would care about his success, Fraser had another, very personal reason for pursuing an education at Indiana State.

His parents and grandfather are Sycamores, too.

The 2023 electronics engineering technology graduate practically grew up on Indiana State’s campus. His grandfather and mother earned education degrees while his father earned an electronics engineering degree from Indiana State. The family history inspired Fraser to carry on the legacy – adding more Sycamores to the family tree.

“I have always known about Indiana State because of my family, but now I was able to have my own experience. I met friends and formed connections that are uniquely mine,” Fraser comments.

Fraser’s interest in engineering began with his passion for cars but also arose from playing video games. He jokingly remarks, “What teenager plays video games and doesn’t wonder how they’re developed?” He began learning more about computer technology, which led to a major in electronics engineering technology at Indiana State.

The electronics engineering technology program in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology focuses on the knowledge, skills, and management experience needed for technical and professional careers in technology. These include instrumentation and control, robotics, electronics manufacturing, technical sales, and field service.

With hands-on learning and laboratory-based experience, students study technical principles, with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Circuit analysis
  • Electronics
  • Electronic devices and instrumentation design
  • Industrial electronic pulse circuits
  • Programmable logic controllers

Gage Fraser, a young white man with light brunette hair and a beard and mustache, poses in front of a brick building. He wears a white sweatshirt with Indiana State blue lettering.

Throughout the program, Fraser completed class projects, including a manufacturing project in which he designed a collapsible beach chair with a cup holder and an umbrella holder.

For his degree, Fraser worked closely with Associate Professor David Malooley, who also taught his father. On Fraser’s first day of classes as a freshman, Malooley asked, “Are you related to Alexander Fraser?”

Fraser couldn’t believe a college professor – who teaches numerous students every academic year – remembered his father. Malooley became his mentor and, along with Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Chair Alister McLeod, Ph.D., instructed Fraser on the skills and concepts needed to succeed at internships and his future career.

“Professors are here to help us. The smaller class sizes have allowed me to work more with my professors and my peers. My professors have invited me to work with them on their own research and design projects, and this provides one-on-one interaction that goes beyond the classroom setting,” explains Fraser.

The Sycamore’s internship experiences also strengthened his training. Last summer, Fraser served as a customer quality engineer intern at ZF Group in Marshall, Illinois. The technology company supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial technology. Fraser assisted in the quality assurance of airbag sensors and front-facing cameras. He also completed paperwork for the company.

If something broke, Fraser asked, “Why was it broken? How could this be fixed?” Luckily, drawing on his educational training at Indiana State, he was able to find solutions, gaining experience in problem-solving practices, critical thinking, and developing an independent work ethic.

“When I started the internship, I was worried that someone was always going to be over my shoulder and looking at my work. But I was given the opportunity to be independent and have responsibilities. It was nice to be out in the professional world and know what it’s like to be a professional engineer,” Fraser said.

With internship experience and guidance from professors, Fraser secured a job as a field service engineer at Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Inc., working in the West Lafayette, Indiana area. The medical group supplies scientific instrumentation, and Fraser will work on maintaining and installing electronic microscopes, syringes, and other equipment for clients in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Chicago, and throughout Kentucky.

Gage Fraser, a young white man with light brunette hair and a beard and mustache, poses in front of a brick building. He wears a white sweatshirt with Indiana State blue lettering.

As a graduating member of the Class of 2023, Fraser reflected on his experiences at Indiana State. He was a member of the Honors College, Honors Council, Student Government Association, and Delta Sigma Phi, in which he participated in community service work at the Terre Haute Humane Society and raised money for men’s cancer awareness. For the Greek Life fraternity, Fraser served as the director of academics, as well as a chairman of health and wellness.

“Being a Sycamore means you’re a devoted student, but you also know how to balance your academics, work, family, friends, relationships, and social life. You know how to organize all of your responsibilities while earning your degree,” Fraser explains.

Fraser knows all about Sycamore pride. He comes from generations of Sycamores – and he’s proud to carry on that legacy. Because proud Sycamores wear BLUE!