Hayley Tague

Hayley Tague

“…We fixate on our unmet expectations instead of the holy invitation to see the purpose even in this – even in the waiting, the breaking down…” –Jordan Lee Dooley, Own Your Everyday

That is the motto Hayley Tague says she currently lives by. She believes that even in this, there is a bright side to every situation and a better future awaiting her. Brought to Indiana State University by the Mechanical Engineering Technology program, Hayley has found her passion and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Fascinated by design engineering, Hayley has landed an internship at Crown Equipment and then a full-time job at Brit Aero that cultivates her skills and interests.

In her major Tague has had the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiences and has even taken classes in welding. From making metal castings to making 3D designs, Tague has done it all and more. For her internship, Tague worked in the product engineering department, which allowed her to utilize her skills in 3D designs and computer-aided design (CAD) software to make their current projects better. She says that “both [her] classes and internships have been geared toward real world events and problems which has prepared [her] for a future career in design engineering.”

When asked about the challenges of her major, Tague says she had to learn how to study properly and that it was tough adjusting to the difficulty of the classes and not being overwhelmed. She names professors like Todd Alberts and Edie Wittenmyer who have helped her to adapt and be successful in her major. She recommends the lowerclassmen in her major to “believe in themselves and to have an open line of communication with their professors, as well as a support system to keep them on track.”

Tague is also an Honors student and a recipient of the President’s Scholarship. Like her major, being in the Honors College has helped her develop academically and personally. She credits her experience in the Honors College for ability to now evaluate information critically, verbalize her opinion, and make knowledgeable decisions about current issues. She especially likes the duality of being a part of two very different programs. She can go from wiring motors to debating Supreme Court verdicts of the 1970s and not skip a beat. Tague considers herself more well-versed now, commenting that “the vast encompassing nature of the Honors classes are what make this program so relevant no matter your major or program.”

Currently, Tague is working on her Honors thesis, titled “Tall Towers and Tremendous Impacts: The Interrelationship of Art and Engineering.” She covers the topic of the interrelationship of art and engineering. She is specifically focusing on the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower and the Twin Towers. She aims to discuss if art and engineering inspire or encourage one another, and if these structures were meant to be art or if the engineering and subsequent creation is the art.

Outside of the classroom, Tague has been an active member on campus and in the community. She currently holds the position of Vice President in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has even started a new tradition within the organization. They call it Tech Day, an outreach program where ASME will visit elementary schools and set up 4-5 stations of interactive activities where the students will learn about different forms of energy. They just recently completed their event for the second year, and she looks forward to expanding and continuing in the future. Tague is also a part of Zeta Tau Alpha and serves on Executive Committee as the Ritual Chair.

At ISU, Tague served as a supplemental instructor for MET103: Intro to Technical Graphics with CAD. She helped students produce orthographic hand drawings and then computer models using 3D designs software. Her time as a supplemental instructor was spent working with three view engineering drawings and helping students adjust to the format of a college class. Through this experience, she perfected her teamwork skills and feels that she can better articulate her thoughts to others.

ISU has given Tague another place to call home. She shares that BLUE has many meanings to her. BLUE means belonging, growth, and diversity, and attending ISU has pushed her to succeed and grow while having the room to explore her passion and interests.

Hayley concludes her time at State as the Spring 2020 Commencement Speaker.