Kole Brewer

Kole Brewer

During the 2022 winter break, most college students were probably relaxing at home, traveling with family, spending time with friends, and enjoying the holidays. That wasn’t the case for freshman aviation student Kole Brewer.

Brewer was playing competitive cornhole in the 2022 American Cornhole League tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He won the National College Cornhole Singles title and was awarded a scholarship.

Cornhole is a popular game in which players take turns tossing bean bags filled with dried corn at an inclined wooden board with a hole at one end. In a competition setting, players stand 27 feet away. The wooden boards may also vary in size and degree of incline.

Brewer learned how to play cornhole from his father. Three years ago, the Sycamore began playing competitively in local tournaments, also known as “blind draws,” in his hometown of Indianapolis. He enjoyed playing the game with friends, and each competition strengthened his skills.

The singles competition involved 100 competitors who first participated in opening “rounders,” in which competitors play against those who had the same record to determine the tournament’s seeding. Brewer went 5-0 in the rounders, but then he lost to the opponent who became the Number 1 seed, dropping Brewer to the Number 3 seed.

Players were then divided into two separate brackets. Eventually, competitors were eliminated until the Elite 8 round, which aired on ESPN.

While Brewer doesn’t believe there is a specific strategy to playing cornhole, he says every game is different. To prepare for the tournament, he participated in numerous blind draws, where he was paired with random opponents. Brewer’s past experience playing basketball in high school now helps him with repetition and precision as he tosses bean bags.

“I have always been a competitive person. It’s fun to get into the game, and I always want to do my best,” Brewer says.

Brewer was supported by his family at the tournament and by his Sycamore family back home in Indiana. After winning the final round, he was relieved all of his hard work had paid off.

“This title finally shows it was worth it after putting all this hard work into the competition,” Brewer adds.

Left to right: Woman with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a black T-shirt and dark jeans; Man with brown hair wearing a gold and black athletic shirt and gray short holds ACL Champion award; Man in Indiana Cornhole T-shirt and gray shorts wearing a MOPO baseball cap; Woman with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a dark orange Nashville sweatshirt and black pants.

Submitted by Kole Brewer.

The Sycamore hopes to start a cornhole club at Indiana State so other students can participate in the fun. Brewer is interested in competing in the next American Cornhole League tournament; this time, however, he wants to compete as a team with other Indiana State students.

Brewer has felt the support from his Sycamore family since returning from the 2022 American Cornhole League tournament. On January 11, he was recognized at an Indiana State men’s basketball game.Man wearing black Sycamores T-shirt and pants stands at center court of Indiana State's Hulman Center basketball court.

“Indiana State has been a supportive campus community. It’s a fun, loving campus and I would love to play cornhole with other students,” Brewer says.

Whether he’s playing individually or with teammates, Brewer knows that victory lies in the enjoyment of the game – not the score. Real champions wear BLUE!