Lauren Eichberger

Lauren Eichberger


Lauren Eichberger grew up thinking she would become a teacher, but it didn’t take long for her to learn that her love of the classroom was more about decorating it for students than teaching in it.

Luckily for the Chicago native, her college search led her to Indiana State University’s interior architecture design program and opportunities to put her creative touch to the test every day.

“I had the opportunity to redesign a one bedroom apartment at a nearby retirement home with some of my classmates,” she said. “Working with an amazing team to design this new space has given me a taste of what life will be like after college. ISU has prepared me to be successful and I am looking forward to what the future has to offer.”

Eichberger even landed herself an internship the summer before her senior year at Inspired Interiors in Chicago, where she will collaborate with vendors and designers to create floor plans and have the chance to work with Merchandise Mart.

“When I graduate, I would love to work for a residential design firm in Chicago, but if it turns out that HGTV wants me that would be fine, too,” she said. “Whatever I do, I know that I’ve received so many opportunities and types of projects during my time at Indiana State that I am prepared for anything. The professors here make sure to give us projects that really push us to work hard, perform our best and go above and beyond.”

When she is not in the design studio, Eichberger is involved in any number of on-campus activities where she gets to do things she enjoys while meeting new people.

“I chose ISU because it is a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community of students and staff,” she said. “They have so much to offer and there is something for everyone – that’s what I love most about it.”