Naseera Salahuddin-Williams


Naseera Salahuddin-Williams will tell you that she didn’t choose nursing as a major when she started as a first-year student at Indiana State University.

Instead, it’s more like the nursing field found her.

Nassera Salahuddin-Williams“Many of the nursing professors will tell you that you don’t choose to go into nursing; it is a calling. I believe this wholeheartedly as I have been making my way through the program,” said Salahuddin-Williams, a junior from Chicago. “I was called to nursing to help people and to save lives, to be kind and caring, to be a calming face for those who need assistance.”

When she decided to answer the call and enter the nursing field, Salahuddin-Williams didn’t take long to decide she wanted to be a Sycamore.

“I chose Indiana State for a list of reasons, firstly because of it’s great marks on academics aimed towards the medical field,” she said. “Another major reason was based on receiving the University Honors scholarship which added some financial stability to being a student. Another bonus that anyone could see is the beauty of the campus which aided in my decision to become a Sycamore.”

Becoming a Sycamore came with perks and opportunities that Salahuddin-Williams couldn’t pass up, including being a part of the University Honors Program.

“My experience in the Honors program has been one of community building,” she said. “Of course being a member of the Honors program inherently makes courses more challenging, but I have been able to make lifelong connections with people that are also in the program.”

Despite her busy class schedule, Salahuddin-Williams has found campus involvement to broaden her college experience.

“With Union Board, I have been able to volunteer in events such a Bingo, Karaoke, Homecoming, Spring Week, the Annual Haunted House, Sycamore Sessions, and the list goes on and on,” she said. “Also, being a dancer for the Hip-Hop team, FullOwt, I have been able to perform at a variety of student events across campus.”

In February 2019, Salahuddin-Williams decided to found her own student organization, the Black Nursing Student Association.

“The Black Nursing Student Association is helping me reach both professional and personal goals,” she said. “Open to any and all students in health-related majors or who have an interest in helping people, my organization is based on health awareness and promotion, community service, and student academic advancement through study sessions.”

Although it is a new organization, Salahuddin-Williams plans to create campus-wide health promotions and community service both on and off-campus.

“The organization has enriched my campus experience because I created it on a whim just based off of what I was able to witness was a need on campus,” she said. “Once word spread, the organization grew and is still growing.”