Sophia Greenwood

Sophia Greenwood

Music Education Major

Sycamore Sophia Greenwood loves to sing – and she happily sings to her heart’s content as a music education major at Indiana State University. The sophomore from Santa Claus, Indiana knew Indiana State was the right school to encourage her passion for music. Also a member of the University’s Honors College, Greenwood has taken advantage of creative classes, choral ensembles, and other opportunities to share her love for music with future students. Along the way, she has found resources to feel brave and confident with her career choices. Because passionate music education begins with BLUE!

What led to your decision to attend Indiana State? How did you know the University was the right school for you?

I knew Indiana State was the place for me as soon as I stepped on campus. Every person I talked to was just as excited about my academic success as I was, and I couldn’t imagine anywhere better for me to be. I truly felt like a person and not just an enrollment statistic. Indiana State immediately felt like a place I could call home, and I love being in Terredise!

What do you enjoy about the music education program?

Making music is one of my favorite things in the world, and every day I get to learn about theory and how to become a better musician. It is the best feeling to sing and make music every day!

Sophia Greenwood, a white female student with long curly brown hair, poses in front of a white wall with "School of Music Indiana State University" in blue lettering on the wall. A Sycamore leaf logo is on the wall and a circular design of blue music notes is also visible. She wears a black dress and she holds a black music binder.

How have your professors mentored you?


Besides teaching information, my professors have made me a stronger writer, communicator, and person overall. I have become a much more effective student and more willing to access resources, like tutoring, because of the encouragement I receive daily from my professors. One professor in particular, Dr. Scott Buchanan from the School of Music, tells us all the time in our choir rehearsals to make our mistakes loudly so we can fix them. This has proven to be the biggest takeaway of my college career so far. I have never held myself to a lower standard, but I forgive myself for taking my time to learn difficult material because of this support.


What have been some of your favorite classes so far?


Obviously, my choir classes have been some of my favorite classes. I love to sing! My Honors College classes have also been some of my favorites. I have enjoyed learning about topics in history and literature through films or novels. It’s so interesting to learn through different perspectives, and in a discussion-based class, students get to be a part of each lesson. I love participating in class and learning even more!


What are your future career goals?


I want to be a choir and/or theatre teacher when I grow up!


What are you passionate about in your music education major?


As a music education major, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my love of music with my future students. Music was always my favorite class growing up, and I can’t wait to teach my students what I know and create a safe environment for them to love music, too.


Why were you interested in the Honors College?


I was interested in the Honors College because of the study abroad opportunities, unique course calendar, and the Living-Learning Community offered to students who prioritize their education as much as I do. The Honors College allowed my transition to college to feel seamless because of how friendly Honors students and faculty were. To this day, Pickerl Hall still feels like a place I can call home. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I feel so welcome every time I am there.


How has the Honors College benefitted your college experience? Have you taken interesting Honors classes, studied abroad, participated in alternative trips, etc.?


I have taken two Honors classes so far! I took Mr. Matt Bird’s Movies of the Summer of 1982 class my freshman year, where I got to analyze thematic elements and historical ties to an influential summer in cinematic history. This semester, I am taking a Heroic Journeys class with Professor Bisch where I read classic literature and analyze the structure of each novel and how the protagonist follows the same trope in each story. I am enthused to learn about British history and travel abroad this summer to London, England, with Dr. Kevin Bolinger.


Sophia Greenwood, a white female student with long curly brown hair, poses outside with an academic building visible behind her and a small garden of green bushes. She wears a black dress. Around her left shoulder is a white tote bag with the School of Music logo printed on it.

You have previously worked at Holiday World as a seasonal costumed character crew leader. What’s involved in this role? What do you enjoy about working at Holiday World?

This summer, I am returning to the amusement park in my hometown for my fifth season! I work at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in the entertainment department. I get to work firsthand with the face of our park, Holidog, and his friends by performing in kids’ shows. As a crew leader, my position has allowed me to grow in my leadership skills by delegating daily tasks for the crew and helping our live show performers. For the past two summers, I have worked on the drone crew for the Holidays in the Sky drone show! I love working with different technology and stepping outside of my comfort zone in my job.

I enjoy working at Holiday World because there is so much history: it’s one of the first theme parks in America! I grew up going to the park with my family, and now I get to make new memories every day with coworkers and guests.

Are you involved in any campus/student organizations at Indiana State?

I am in two choral ensembles on campus: the University Chorale and the Sycamore Singers. Additionally, I am a member of the Honors Council, where I plan events for Honors students. I am also a general member of the Delight Ministries group on campus. Finally, for the past two years, I have been a member of the Spirit Squad, our dance/cheer team that performs at football and men’s and women’s basketball games.

How has Indiana State prepared you so far for your future career?

Indiana State has given me the information, resources, and networking skills necessary to take on a teaching career in the future. I feel braver to ask important questions and learn about my career. I know I’m not done learning yet, so I can’t wait to see what else I can learn as I take more major courses!

Lastly, if you were talking to a prospective student about Indiana State (about the academics, Honors College, campus life, etc.), what would you tell them?

I would tell them about how fulfilling Indiana State is and how much I have learned! Every student is looking for something different when it comes to higher education, but luckily, Indiana State has over 200 organizations and fantastic academic programs. I love the size of the campus and the community here. Lastly, I would like to share that Indiana State has everything Sycamores need as students.

A close-up photo of feet wearing blue Croc shoes with "GO TREES" and a football and basketball accessories.

Sophia Greenwood proudly shares her custom Crocs displaying her Sycamore pride. Go Trees!