Sycamores Supporting Sycamores

Sycamores Supporting Sycamores

Warm, spring sunshine reaches like a helping hand from the clear, blue sky to guide you on your way to class. The fountain gurgles merrily, attracting a crowd of smiling students. Your friend sends you a text: she landed her dream internship thanks to research she did in a biology lab on campus. As you cross the Quad, you’re once again struck by the beauty of Normal Hall. Your trance is interrupted by your communications professor, who kindly paused to ask about your student organization’s upcoming event. Every part of you is filled with pride, knowing that your university is so invested in your academic career and your personal success.

You are a Sycamore. You are part of a community that is bigger than yourself.

Sycamores don’t live in vacuums. Every aspect of your experience at Indiana State – from hands-on learning experiences to professional development opportunities – has been made possible by the actions of other people.

On Wednesday, March 11, you have a chance to thank them.

Indiana State will come together on March 11 for the second annual Give to Blue Day.  On this day, Sycamores around the world will share why they love Indiana State and pay tribute to those that inspired them. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff will bond over their beloved college experiences, paving the path for future Sycamores.

Gifts from donors truly shape our campus and our education, and no one knows better than the students where support is most needed. Think of a contribution as an “educational gift card.” Your donation will go directly to benefitting the students or student organizations that you feel need it most. Your “educational gift card” will allow the program to grow, providing students with unique development opportunities. We don’t expect student gifts to be enormous, but giving back now will frame our giving for the future. If students work together, our small contributions will still create an incredible impact that will be felt almost immediately. As you go through this week, consider setting aside a few dollars to help your favorite program or organization, and share these reasons to Give to Blue with your friends.

Top 5 Reasons to Give Back to Blue

  1. Support your passions: Are you passionate about the Honors College? Do you love the American Society of Mechanical Engineers? On Give to Blue Day, let your passions shine and choose where to direct your gift. Your contribution will directly support what matters most to
  1. Tell your story: Every gift has a story, and Give to Blue Day is your chance to tell yours. Come together with your fellow Sycamores to share who you are and why you love Indiana State. Every Sycamore has been touched by State in a unique way. Share your story and enable future Sycamores to experience the same opportunities.
  1. Compete for a chance to win Apple Airpods: Before Give to Blue Day even begins, you can start sharing your Sycamore pride! By signing up as a Social Ambassador at, you’ll receive a personalized link that will track shares and donations. The top Social Ambassador at the end of Give to Blue Day will win a pair of Apple Airpods.
  1. Double the impact: Don Dudine, a generous alumnus, has agreed to match all student gifts up to $10,000 on Give to Blue Day, so your gift will have double the impact on campus. Even the smallest gifts will make a big difference!
  1. Gain access to an exclusive event: As a student donor on Give to Blue Day, you’ll be invited to an exclusive Pajama Party at the Foundation! Celebrate your Sycamore pride with free pizza and cookies, late-night bingo, and the reveal of the day’s donation total!

Here at Indiana State, we are truly a community. We Bleed Blue, and we support each other through our trials and our triumphs. We work together to create the best possible environment for all Sycamores, and we will celebrate our State pride on March 11, 2020. Join us on Give to Blue Day to help create a truly memorable experience for all current and future students and to showcase what it really means to be a Sycamore.

Author Kimmie Collins is a current Indiana State University student.