The Ramey Family

The Ramey Family

“S-Y-C-A-M-O-R-E-S! Go, Sycamores!”

When Macy Ramey picks up her pompoms to prepare for a football or basketball game, she isn’t only cheering for Indiana State University’s athletic teams. She’s cheering for the Sycamore pride passed down through many generations in her family.

The senior elementary education major has always known she wanted to pursue a degree at Indiana State. Most importantly, she wanted to carry on the Sycamore legacy instilled by her mother, Angie Ramey, ‘98, who served as captain of Indiana State’s cheer squad while she earned a physical education degree. Angie’s mother, Rita Ann Mankin, also cheered and danced for the University as a member of Indiana State’s Sparkette dance team.

Macy Ramey, a young white woman with straight long brunette hair, poses next to Angie Ramey. She wears a blue and white cheerleading uniform. Angie, a middle-aged white woman with wavy brunette hair, wears a blue sweatshirt. They pose in front of a brick building.

“Being a Sycamore means I get to represent my mom and grandma. I’m following in their footsteps while I’m a student at Indiana State,” Macy explains.

Macy, the current captain of Indiana State’s Spirit Squad, has been cheerleading since she was three years old. She participated in youth cheer teams and was a member of the Lightning Xtreme All-Star cheer squad. Throughout the years, she has been coached by Angie, who continues to coach cheerleading at Terre Haute North Vigo High School.

Reflecting on her own years as a cheerleader, Angie recalls fond memories from her time as captain at Indiana State, including when the cheer squad competed at the National Cheer Association National Championship in 1995. As captain, she was responsible for coaching the team.

“Being a cheerleader [at Indiana State] was one of the best times of my life. Even today, I would go back to that time in a heartbeat. I’m still close to the other cheerleaders.”

A collage of 1990's Indiana State University cheerleaders.

Photos of Angie Ramey cheering for Indiana State as an undergraduate student in the 1990s.

Macy has made her own unique memories: receiving the Rookie of the Year Award during her freshman year; cheering at Missouri Valley Conference games; volunteering at clinics and coaching children; receiving the Most Valuable Player Award and Coach’s Award from Spirit Squad coach Tamara Shike, and being named captain of the Spirit Squad at Indiana State.

“As captain, I’m responsible for managing and representing the squad at games, thinking of game plans, and being a leader,” Macy explains. Many of her favorite memories involve watching excited children have fun at games. With her major in elementary education, she’s passionate about teaching youths and learning what best helps each individual child to learn. “The kids keep me going when I see how happy they are,” she says.

Macy Ramey, a young white woman with straight long brunette hair, poses in front of a brick building. She wears a blue and white cheerleading uniform with the Sycamores logo on the front.

For Angie, she feels pride as a Sycamore mother when she attends games. Always a cheerleader at heart, she cheers on her daughters – not only Macy, but also Macy’s younger sisters, Marlee and Madisyn, who are all members of Indiana State’s Spirit Squad.

“This is the first time that all three of us have gotten to cheer on the same team together at the same time. Just getting to share my older sister’s last year [on the team] and my younger sister’s first year is so special,” says Marlee, a junior interior architecture design student.

Madisyn, a freshman nursing student, adds, “I am the youngest of three, so having the opportunity to finally cheer with both of my sisters on the same team is truly amazing. It is a special time for me to wear Blue with both of them. I am the baby sister and I’m very proud to wear Sycamore Blue alongside my family and continue the tradition set forth by generations.”

As for Angie, she clearly remembers cheering for Indiana State and representing her hometown with pride. As a native of Terre Haute, she grew up around Indiana State. “Our roots began here and it has been a wonderful experience. Success wears Blue,” she says.

Macy’s final year as an undergraduate student has been bittersweet. She will cheer at her final Homecoming game, and she will participate in many other exciting activities as Spirit Squad captain. She will also teach students inside a classroom. But most importantly, Macy will spend this year making lasting memories as a Sycamore.

“Everyone is welcoming at Indiana State. There are so many people who want to be friends with you, whether you know them on a personal level or not. The friendships you create are very special. It’s amazing to be a part of different student organizations and make friends you will have for the rest of your life,” she reflects.

Just like her mother, grandmother, and sisters, Macy will always be a proud Sycamore. Years from now, when she attends games with her mother and sisters, they will still be rooting for their alma mater. The Rameys will always cheer for the Sycamores…because true school spirit begins with BLUE!

Three female students with blonde hair in ponytails pose on a football field. They wear blue Spirit Squad jackets.